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Elevate Your Pharmacy: Profit Boosters & DIR Defense Tactics

RxSafe hosted the special panel, "Elevate Your Pharmacy: Profit Boosters & DIR Defense Tactics," at the 2023 NCPA Annual Convention. Watch the presentation to learn valuable insights from our panel.

0:00 - Start

0:54 - Todd Eury introduces the panel

1:15 - DIR fee changes in 2024

1:57 - Debbie Marcello of Happier at Home explains how pharmacies can offer home care services to avoid paying DIR fees

2:54 - Thomas McDowell talks about home care services

4:29 - Tim Mitchell on reducing DIR fees through LTC-at-Home

6:14 - Ronna Hauser discusses LTC-at-Home, CMS recognition of services, and what patients qualify for the service

8:57 - Lisa Faast discusses DIR fee changes in 2024 and how it will affect cash flow; offering cash-based services

11:00 - Q&A on filling scripts while losing money

15:13 - Scotty Sykes on tax planning before year's end

17:10 - LTC-at-Home, starting adherence packaging, and home care opportunities

20:15 - Starting adherence packaging for LTC with new equipment

22:45 - How to find patients for LTC if you are just starting out; how to qualify patients

25:45 - How is LTC-at-Home paid for? Qualifying patients for home care

29:08 - Tapping into the LTC-at-Home market; more on Happier at Home and aging in place

33:57 - Expanding pharmacy services to shore up cash flow

36:04 - Tax benefits for community pharmacy explained; How much can you write-off?

41:18 - Expanding your business with automation and offering supplements

42:36 - How to leverage adherence packaging and using medical-at-home

46:59 - How community healthcare workers (CHWs) expand the reach of pharmacy techs and patient access

49:05 - Filling LTC-at-Home prescriptions at the pharmacy

50:08 - LTC patient policies and adherence packaging

51:38 - What Part B Plans recognize payments?